Classroom Hazard Checklist

Georgian College – Classroom Hazard Checklist.


Please make sure that all of your classrooms meet the following basic requirements for safety.


  • Clean, dry and free from debris that may cause slips, trips
  • Free of loose tiles, carpet


  • Ceiling tiles free from leaks
  • Is audio-visual equipment securely suspended

Aisles, Walkways

  • Clear and unobstructed
  • Adequate width for emergency evacuations


  • Adequate lighting for task performed in area
  • Light fixtures working

Indoor Air quality

  • Temperature between 68 and 78 degrees
  • Air ventilation adequate ( no strange odors)


  • No broken areas on desks, chairs etc.
  • Wheels on equipment carts operating smoothly
  • Shelves, filing cabinets secured
  • Shelves not overloaded and heavy items stored on bottom


  • GFI outlets when plug near water
  • Power bars in good condition and CSA approved
  • Power bars are direct to main electrical receptacle
  • Three pronged plugs are used where required, all prongs in place
  • Cords are places and secured to prevent tripping
  • No outlets are over loaded with too many plugs