Pension Information

Each pay the salary is annualized to determine the proper deduction, and the system calculates the appropriate bi-weekly deduction, which is matched by the College.

At the time of hiring as a partial load or full-time faculty member, you should have been provided with information about the pension plan and how to enroll.

The pension plan enrolment is mandatory for all full time employees, and the rate is set by the CAAT Pension Plan. It is a blended rate of earnings that fluctuates.

If you’re looking for information on the CAAT Pension Plan, you can access this Getting to know the CAAT Pension Plan put out by the College Employer Council.

These rates and earnings are reviewed and adjusted by CAAT each year. To understand your pension simply, it is calculated based on your top five consecutive years of earning and you get 2% for every year of service. For example, if you have taught for 25 years, your pension would be 50% of your top five earning years.

Participation in the CAAT pension plan is optional for all part time employees (Unless previously enrolled in the plan within the last 2 years, or employed at another CAAT employer, it is then mandatory to remain in the plan).

There is a Pension and Benefit Administrator for all employees. If you have any questions, you can reach out to HR and they will direct you to the right person.

How To Find Out More

For Full-Time Faculty there is a membership booklet called DB Prime. For non-fulltime, there is another membership booklet called DB Plus.

The CAAT Pension Plan has recently launched a new member portal, ‘My Pension’, offering you access to all of your personal pension information. We encourage you to explore My Pension and the valuable tools in the portal. It’s secure and easy to use.

With My Pension, you can:

  • Keep the Plan up to date and easily manage your contact information
  • Get a pension estimate, see different retirement scenarios, and learn how a purchase can increase your pension
  • Send and receive messages with the Plan through the secure Message Centre
  • Get your Annual Statement electronically, as soon as it becomes available, saving paper and time

For existing members, another place to go for pension information is To find information on your pension such as estimating your pension or other resources you can also directly visit their Member Page.

They also have a Support Page to search and sort or to find more complex information.

Check your emails as HR sends out information regularly about pension news as well as upcoming webinars and information sessions.