Sick Time and Disability

Sick Leave is covered under Article 17.01 F of the Collective Agreement. If you are sick or need to have a sick leave, you should carefully review Georgian College’s Sick Leave Policy. Each full-time faculty gets 20 sick days a year paid at 100% of regular pay. Any unused sick days in any given year will be carried forward to the next benefit year. If you have an illness or injury that extends beyond your sick days bank, you will need to apply for Short-Term Disability which is paid at 75% of regular pay.

Partial load professors are entitled to sick leave as well except the annual entitlement is pro-rated based on the length of the contract and the number of Teaching Contact Hours you have. This is all set out in the Collective Agreement, Article 26.08.

If you are sick, you should let your manager know as soon as possible so they can determine what to do with your course(s) and if you need to connect with HR to get additional help/guidance.

Here is a comprehensive document put out by the Ontario Human Rights Commission called Policy and guidelines on disability and the duty to accommodate.