What We Do


The Role of OPSEU Local 350:

Local 350 represents academic staff consisting of all full-time and partial-load professors, all full-time counsellors and librarians, and all instructors. Persons holding these positions are eligible to join the union.

OPSEU represents you in negotiations and in day-to-day contract administration, with respect to working conditions, salary, and benefits. You are automatically entitled to these services under the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act.  Dues, which are tax deductible, are already deducted by the College from your pay, whether or not you join the union, as all who receive these services share the cost of providing them.

About OPSEU:

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union is comprised of approximately 115,000 full- and part-time members, nearly 500 locals, and 35 Regional Offices and Membership Centres across Ontario. OPSEU is the third largest union in the province. This means OPSEU can bargain from a position of real power.

OPSEU stands up for the rights of their members, both on the job and in their communities. OPSEU is dedicated to high standards of public service and good laws that support working people.

The Benefits of Union Membership:

Some benefits of union membership,

  • Union members participate in the development of union policy, contract demands for provincial bargaining, etc., and attend and vote at union meetings.
  • Union members may run for union office and participate in the election of stewards and officers who direct the activities of the union local.
  • In the event of a lockout or strike, union members who have signed union cards and participate in strike duty are entitled to strike pay.