SWF Calculator and Checklist

For information on how to interpret the different parts of a SWF, please refer to the following video made by our steward, Samantha Sullivan Sauer.

Below is a SWF calculator courtesy of our union friends at Fanshawe College, Local 110.

SWF Template for Excel v2.1

Quick SWF Check

Use the instructions below to examine your SWF for accuracy

To determine if your current workload is truly reflected on your SWF, take a careful look at your latest SWF and consider the following questions.

a) Examine the section dealing with assigned teaching hours.

Does it reflect the number of courses and sections you are actually teaching?

Does the number of students listed under class size reflect the number of students actually registered in your class?

Is there anything unusual about your workload that might merit/require special consideration under Article 11.01 G 2 which deals with “atypical circumstances”.

b) Examine the section dealing with complementary functions.

Does it reflect all your additional work, including regularly scheduled meetings and committees?

c) If you answered “no” to any of these questions and want some help in recalculating your SWF, contact one of the union members of the Workload Monitoring Group:

Mark Dorsey                          mark.dorsey@georgiancollege.ca

Joanne Fowlie                        joanne.fowlie@georgiancollege.ca

Iain Robertson                       iain.robertson@georgiancollege.ca

Samantha Sullivan Sauer     samantha.sullivansauer@georgiancollege.ca

* a special thanks to steward Samantha Sullivan Sauer for the video and to Fanshawe and Seneca Colleges for other information on this page *


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